R.I.P. Sushma Ji!!

Previous night, a glorious chapter in Indian politics came to an end when the Former External Affairs Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj breath her last at 10:50 p.m. and we lost a remarkable leader to cardiac arrest, despite 70 minutes of struggles to revive her at AIIMS Delhi. An irreparable loss for the citizens of India... Continue Reading →


Decoding Article 370 & Article 35(A)…

A very good evening my fellow bloggers and readers. The 5th of August 2019 marks a memorable day in the History of India when the Hon'ble Home Minister of the country, Mr. Amit Shah proposed the scrapping of Section 370 and 35(A) in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and providing them with the status... Continue Reading →

The Chase…

Hey fellas!! I hope you guys are doing really great out there!! I won't say so am I  because my day has been a mess!! The first time I set foot in the kitchen, dad taught me how to prepare tea and honestly, whoever gulps a sip of it is surely turning into a teaholic!!... Continue Reading →

Where does the Dark live??

Hey peeps!! A very good evening and I hope you guys had a great day today!! Well, yesterday was a busy day!! For starters, despite going to bed really early the previous night, I failed to wake up and of course, was running late, but managed to be on time!! Yeah, Punctuality is what I've... Continue Reading →

Beyond Sunflowers & A Missing Ear..

A very beautiful evening fellas!! Hope you guys had a great day today!! Btw, another song from my very own playlist is 'Instagram' by Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike; David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha and Afro Bros. So you see, a number of artists have collaborated for this one and I find it really... Continue Reading →


A very beautiful evening fellas!! Hoping every beautiful soul had a great day at work, college, school or wherever you've been today!! In the words of my mother, 'I remain emotionally unattached to people', and guess what, this, the only reality of my life makes me capable enough to shove people aside. I've met alot... Continue Reading →

War: A Savage Outburst..

A very beautiful morning fellas!! Monday, busy day!! But before I dart through the door rushing with my laptop, keys and the satchel, I was wondering if I should publish a post and so here I am. Oh, I also have another song from my playlist, 'Starving' by Hailee Steinfield, so don't forget to give... Continue Reading →

Till Date…

Hey!! This shows how unoccupied I am at this point of the day, and it's not even raining cats-and-dogs as an excuse. Forgive me, Oh God, for I have sinned!! Anyone out there getting married, btw?? No, I'm not asking for an invitation but I have this really cool friend of mine who is an... Continue Reading →

Serious Luv

Hey fellas!! Another day, another post for as long as I have nothing to do!! So Sunday morning has brought me no such exciting news as for now, and the only thing that has kept me occupied is 'The School Poems' compiled by Jennifer Curry.  Oh yes, I miss school days. Well, I've always been... Continue Reading →

The Beauty & The Beast

Hey fellas!! And I'm back with another of my annoying pieces, if you care to know. But I'm sure you wouldn't leave it unread cuz that's exactly what you subscribed me for!! Anyway, it's all dark and rainy here, some might call it gloomy but I think it's beautiful in a different way. Like every... Continue Reading →

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